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Welcome to Chuck and Raye's Fishing Site!

Now that it is winter time, and there ain't nuttin to do except tend to my gorgeous worm farm, I will be taking all the decent pictures that were taken this past spring/summer/fall, and compiling a few photo albums that I know you'll enjoy to the fullest extent! Stay tuned...

(Keep on coming back, this site is updated every day!)

On this site you will be able to share the encounters that Chuck and Raye have experienced on their most favorite fishing trips.

You will find articles and stories written by Chuck and Raye, as well as fabulous action photography.

You will also see occasional visits from our buddy LilBub...

Yes, I finally got the chatroom working. You can even chat here when Chuck and/or Raye are not available!

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Although we do not use naughty words or pornography on this web site, some material may still be unsuitable for those persons under the age of 18.

All fish that are caught by Chuck, Raye, LilBub and/or any other persons on this web site, are safely released immediately after a photo has been taken.

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