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Chuck and Raye
Fishing Trip Journal



Today Lilbub and I went fishing around 1pm or so. We went back where we were yesterday. it was very nice. There were a few people here and there. The sun was nice and the water was very clear. Lilbub and I were watching some really huge suckers swim by, but they will not take any bait! We tried several times to catch them. They were right next to us, and we would cast our lines right in front of their faces, but they did not even acknowledge. Silly fishies.

It's funny. Everytime a new person came to fish there the first words to us were always, "Any luck today?" I had to laugh to myself after 3 or 4 times of being asked hehe. People are so competetive. Not to mention, I think just about everyone we saw that day were either hard core white trash or those older macho guys with the beer bellies that keep a close eye on who is catching what. All around today was very nice. Lilbub is fun to fish with.

Highlights of our trip:
-I had put a special lure on my leader today. I cast it out, set my rod up against a sign and went to mess around with my tackle box. About 10 minutes went by and I went to reel in my line. It was kinda hard to reel in, I thought I was dragging bottom, or stuck on a stick. I reeled a little harder and I could tell this was a fish. Lilbub and I looked at each other in awe when this fish jumped out of the water! This was one of the all around biggest fish I have ever caught! I couldn't pull it out of the water... Lilbub went to get the camera and a guy fishing down the river came over to lend a hand with his net. This was a monster 20 inch Pickerel! And the teeth on that guy!!! WOW!
Needless to say the film in the camera was toast. I didn't even get a picture of this lunker!!! I was so upset. But I have Lilbub and the guy with the net to back me up! Well, 3 minutes after I let the fish go, I found a spare roll of film. What a kick in the arse. But any way this trip was fun... Watch out fishies... We are on the prowl!!


Alright! We caught some fish today!!! We went to a new spot, where Lilbub has been before. There wasn't many fish but Lilbub caught 1 Yellow Perch, Chuck caught 1 big Yellow Perch, and a big minnow, and I caught 2 small yellow perch, and a small minnow. I think Lilbubs one fish weighed more than the 3 I caught combined hehe. It was a good time though. Everytime we go, it keeps getting better and better.

Highlights of our trip:
-We caught FISH!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok. Heres the deal. We go fishing to catch FISH FISH FISH! Well Lilbub and I went out in the canoe today. We had a pretty good time. The sun was shining, and a nice breeze was blowing. We saw a few King fishers, a few Great Blue Herons a real cool Hawk, a beaver, and turtles galores. But where are all the darn FISH?!?!

We fished from 1pm to 5pm and went back to the shore to wait for Chuck. The only things we caught in that time were frogs and tadpoles!

So any way we went back to the canoe launch to wait for Chuck. We had to occupy or selves in the mean time so we decided to play with the froggies. Frogs are fun. They are cute, and some of them were really huge! The frogs were actually jumping at our night crawlers as we cast them into the shallow waters!

So Chuck got there and we showed him our froggies and tadpoles, then hopped into the canoe to fish some more.

No fish for us today. But I did land a nice size turtle, and a pretty big bull frog! Oh well, I guess we will have better luck next time.

Highlights of our trip:
-Lilbub got stuck sitting in the middle of the canoe! hehe.
-Chuck was playing with the bull frogs. He took his hook off his line and just tied a 7 inch night crawler to it. He dangled it infront of a big bull frog, and the frog lunged at the crawler and sucked the whole thing right off the line!
-I dropped my camera off the canoe and into the water. The film was shot, but the camera still works.


Three strikes and we are OUT!!! Out in the big red canoe we went, for 6 hours and no fishies again! The water must still be too cold, although the ice has melted away.

Well we launched the canoe at 2:30pm, fished a few spots, moved on, and fished a few more spots, again and again and again! No fishies. But I think that we both may have had a couple nibbles. After 3 hours we decided to dock the canoe on a small peninsula to stretch our legs out. We made a few casts from there, but we soon got bored of waiting for our bobbers to sink... Somehow we got playing, "Who can skip the rock the most times." Chuck took the cake, it must have skipped 37 times! All around I give this trip 4 stars out of 10.

Highlights of our trip:
-Chuck got snagged on a log and the log started to chase us. "It's coming right at us!", Chuck yelled! If there were a prize for "Most times snagged in a single season", Chuck would win it hands down!
Mayflies gnawed at his forehead.
His "Gas Bass call" failed him this trip.
-I tried to throw a floating, rotting, dead crappie at Chuck, and my hand smelled for 5 hours. Who would have thought?


We attempted fishing for the second time this season. We went to a lake that had over 25 inches of ice this winter.... Yep, most of it was still there...

We found a somewhat open area of cool clear water. But again, no bites, no nibbles, no fishies. It wasn't a total loss though... We made our very own rod holders out of some forked branches that we found. We also practiced our moose calls, and listened to them echo across the lake. All in all I think we were just happy that we weren't knee deep in snow again... Better luck next week.

Highlight's of our trip:
-When we first arrived at the lake, Chuck had spent some careful time trying to get his snelled hook to remain tied to his leader. The cold weather had made his line brittle and it kept snapping with every tug. But with a little TLC and persuasion, it finally knotted. Then, he ever so gently baited his hook, as to not cause the worm any un-needed trauma, put on a weight and a bobber and walked down to the cool waters edge. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and...
His first cast of the day was textbook, perfectly executed. It seemed that the cast was in slow motion, and I swear I heard the "Chariots of Fire" theme song far off in the distance... But he got snagged on a rock, end of story. And after all that hard work...
-I was casting for distance today, trying to dodge all the icebergs that were big enough to give the Titanic a run for it's money. I put on a bit more weight than usual, a huge bobber and I let that sucker loose with all my might. It went pretty darn far alright, but the only problem was that the weight, hook, and bobber launched into the atmosphere like a rocket, but the rest of my line was still down at my feet. Together we watched my lonely bobber drift into the sunset.


Today we thought we would do a little brook trout fishing. We stayed local, only drove about 10 miles. We were all pumped up because we had been waiting to go fishing since October! Chuck had scoped out the scene a few days before, and said that the snow was still pretty deep, and Jiminy Crackets he was right! There was 3 feet of snow in the woods! But, being the true outdoorsmen that we are, we trudged on through the plethora of snowy white madness.

Well, we hiked along the brook for an hour and a half or so, putting our lines in the water at every familiar hole that we had success with last season... But alas... No nibbles, no fishies.

We decided to turn back and call it a day for numerous reasons other than shy fishies...
-Chuck had been battling a severe case of Snow-in-the-Boot Syndrome, and was stopping every 4-6 feet to shake out his boots and try to regain feeling in his feet. Finally, he had enough, and ran full speed to the nearest roadway, arms flailing the whole way...
-I had put my face in the snow enough for that day. Yes, put my face in the snow... You know how when ya walk through deep snow, and you just fall forward for no apparent reason? No? Well the first thing you do is drop yer pole and put yer meat hooks out in front of you to catch yerself, which is pointless I might add, because yer meat hooks just break through the top layer of snow and go all the way to solid ground... Therefore, leaving your face as the lone shock absorber.

Highlight's of our trip:
We left our backsack on top of Chuck's car and started to drive away. Chuck pulled out into the road and the sack flew off the car like a rabid badger! He pulled over and proceeded to walk back to pick his sack up off the road. A nice older fella stopped to let Chuck get his sack, and someone in a minivan tried to swerve to the breakdown lane to pass the stopped car... There was no accident, but I sometimes wonder why people are in such a hurry to go grocery shopping.